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***UPDATED  October 23rd, 2023***

For the upcoming shows, scroll down a bit.

But first, info on the SIX great bands I get to play with!....
I'm extremely fortunate to be playing with some great bands (and even greater friends). Please click on the band names to open a new window for their respective websites!

Mixtape Junkies
ALL your favorite 80's music the other bands are not playing for you  :)
For our songlist and lots more info

The concept? We're a live version of your favorite radio station on a holiday weekend while you're enjoying a block party - we play 3 to 4 song blocks in-a-row of your favorite artists from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s.    :)

OMT (One More Time) 

Classic rock, Contemporary Country, Alternative, and much more.

Great songs you love and great songs you may not know but WILL love. Tight vocal harmonies and a ton of fun!  (And yes, we did weigh the fun to be sure).

Turbo Shot

This is the band that seriously doesn't take itself seriously.   :D   

It's all about the great 'party rock 'n' roll' that you hear comin' out of your drunk neighbor's old and dying humungous speakers around midnight on a Saturday night - where everyone at his house is having the time of their lives, but you're wussing out cuz you gotta work on Monday. Wahhh... Every thing from the classic 70's & 80's favorites to contemporary hits. I'll let one of the band's posters speak for itself.... 


TIMELINE (Formerly, The Billy Martin Band)

 Classic to contemporary rock and pop, with great musicians, great vocals, and a bunch of really funny guys!


Classic Rock to Americana.   The Reunion Tour 2023!   :)


As busy as I am with shows, guitar lessons, band rehearsals, etc, I'm sure I'll miss posting something at some point. If you're wanting to double-check if I'm playing any weekend that is (accidentally) not listed below, please feel free to email me to find out if I will be playing a show with one of these great bands!



Friday the 2nd or the 9th - TURBO SHOT (pending)

Saturday the 3rd - TURBO SHOT @ Potter's Place (Naperville)

Tuesday the 20th - MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ Morton Grove Summer Concerts

Saturday the 24th - OMT @ West Chicago Railroad Days

Friday the 30th - Prairie Surfers @ O'Malley's (Aurora)


Monday the 3rd - OMT @ Rotary Hill 4:00pm (Naperville)

Tuesday the 4th - PRAIRIE SURFERS (Glen Ellyn 4th of July Parade)

Saturday the 8th - joining my friends in Mel Muzic at Two Brothers (Aurora)

Friday the 14th - MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ Quigley's (Naperville)

Saturday the 15th - MEL MUZIC @ The Hive (St. Charles)

Sunday the 23rd - OMT @ Three Meadows Park 6:30-8:30 (Naperville)

Thursday the 27th - helping out my friend, Honee B., acoustic duo show (more info to come)

Friday the 28th - performing with my friend Brian Fife at a concert at St. Raymond de Penafort in Mount Prospect

Saturday the 29th - (to be confirmed)


Friday the 18th - TIMELINE @ Evenflow (Geneva)

Saturday the 19th - BlockStar @ Taste of Glen Ellyn (5:00-7:30)


Friday the 1st - MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ Last Fling (Naperville)

Saturday the 2nd - OMT @ Last Fling 12:00 noon (Naperville)

Saturday the 9th - TURBOSHOT @ Basecamp (Lisle)

Sunday the 17th - OMT @ Naperville Last Fling (but it's actually in Wheaton)

Friday the 29th - pending (check back to see what's up)

Saturday the 30th - **CANCELED**BlockStar @ Potter's Place (Naperville)


Saturday the 7th - MIXTAPE JUNKIES Quigley's 8:30 (Naperville)

Sunday the 8th - OMT (awaiting details)

Friday the 13th - MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ The Roundhouse (Aurora)

Saturday the 14th - (possible private event)

Friday the 27th - OMT @ Naper Settlement 5:30-7:30 (Naperville)


Saturday the 18th - **SPECIAL EXTRA-COOL GIG!!**

I'll be filling in the "Alex Lifeson" spot with my music brothers from BUMP as they perform in ANIMATION the killer RUSH Tribute Band....

We'll be playing at Brauerhouse in Lombard, IL from (we thiiiink...)

10:00 - 12:00 (or 12:30)


Please keep checking back for updates!  

Hope to see you all at a show - I guarantee a GREAT time to be had by AL!    ;)

(And yes, I said "AL")      :)