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***UPDATED  January 14th, 2022***

For the upcoming shows, scroll down a bit.

But first, info on the SIX great bands I get to play with!....
I'm extremely fortunate to be playing with some great bands (and even greater friends). Please click on the band names to open a new window for their respective websites!

Mixtape Junkies
ALL your favorite 80's music the other bands are not playing for you  :)
For our songlist and lots more info

Block Party Weekend
The concept? We're a live version of your favorite radio station on a holiday weekend while you're enjoying a block party - we play 3 to 4 song blocks in-a-row of your favorite artists from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s.    :)

OMT (One More Time) 

Classic rock, Contemporary Country, Alternative, and much more.

Great songs you love and great songs you may not know but WILL love. Tight vocal harmonies and a ton of fun!  (And yes, we did weigh the fun to be sure).

Turbo Shot

This is the band that seriously doesn't take itself seriously.   :D   

It's all about the great 'party rock 'n' roll' that you hear comin' out of your drunk neighbor's old and dying humungous speakers around midnight on a Saturday night - where everyone at his house is having the time of their lives, but you're wussing out cuz you gotta work on Monday. Wahhh... Every thing from the classic 70's & 80's favorites to contemporary hits. I'll let one of the band's posters speak for itself.... 


The Billy Martin Band

I get the chance to help out with this great band by coming in on some of their shows.   Classic to contemporary rock and pop, with great musicians, great vocals, and a bunch of really funny guys!


As busy as I am with shows, guitar lessons, band rehearsals, etc, I'm sure I'll miss posting something at some point. If you're wanting to double-check if I'm playing any weekend that is (accidentally) not listed below, please feel free to email me to find out if I will be playing a show with one of these great bands!



Friday the 21st - BILLY MARTIN BAND @ Evenflow (Geneva, IL)

Friday the 28th MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ Basecamp (Lisle, IL)

Saturday the 29th - BILLY MARTIN BAND @ Mickey Finns (Libertyville, IL)


Friday the 4th - PRAIRIE SURFERS (Quigley's, Naperville, IL_

Saturday the 5th - TURBO SHOT (awaiting confirmation)

Friday the 18th - TURBO SHOT @ Ballydoyles (Downers Grove, IL)

Friday the 25th - PRARIE SURFERS @ Private event (Florida)


Saturday the 19th - BILLY MARTIN BAND @ Salerno's (Hodgkins, IL)

Friday the 22nd - OMT @ Naperville Heritage Fest Halloween Show 5:30-7:30

Saturday the 30th - TURBO SHOT @ Ballydoyles (Downers Grove)


Saturday the 2nd - MIXTAPE JUNKIES @ Two Brothers Roundhouse (Aurora, IL)

Saturday the 9th - BILLY MARTIN BAND @ Two Brothers Roundhouse (Aurora, IL)


Friday the 13th - BILLY MARTIN BAND (charity event, awaiting confirmation)


Friday the 10th - BILLY MARTIN BAND @ Evenflow (Geneva, IL)


Please keep checking back for updates!  

Hope to see you all at a show - I guarantee a GREAT time to be had by AL!    ;)

(And yes, I said "AL")      :)