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***UPDATED Wednesday, September 17th***

For the upcoming shows, scroll down a bit.

But first, info on the great bands I get to play with!....

I'm extremely fortunate to be playing with some great bands (and even greater friends). Please click on the band names to open a new window for their respective websites!

Mixtape Junkies
ALL your favorite 80's music the other bands are not playing for you  :)
For our songlist and lots more info

Prairie Surfers - Classic rock and Americana.
Check out my YouTube channel for some great clips from the Surfers as well.  
LIKE Prairie Surfers on Facebook!

Bobb Vylan - Classic rock to Contemporary Alternative.
And as far as the classic rock is concerned, we're doing songs people love that no other bands in the area are playing.
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OMT (One More Time) 

Classic rock, Contemporary Country, Alternative, and much more.

Great songs you love and great songs you may not know but WILL love. Tight vocal harmonies and a ton of fun!  (And yes, we did weigh the fun to be sure).

Turbo Shot

This is the band that seriously doesn't take itself seriously.   :D   

It's all about the great 'party rock 'n' roll' that you hear comin' out of your drunk neighbor's old and dying humungous speakers around midnight on a Saturday night - where everyone at his house is having the time of their lives, but you're wussing out cuz you gotta work on Monday. Wahhh... Every thing from the classic 70's & 80's favorites to contemporary hits. I'll let one of the band's posters speak for itself....    


As busy as I am with shows, guitar lessons, band rehearsals, etc, I'm sure I'll miss posting something at some point. If you're wanting to double-check if I'm playing any weekend that is (accidentally) not listed below, please feel free to email me to find out if I will be playing a show with one of these great bands!


Saturday the 1st - OMT @ Naperville Last Fling

Sunday the 2nd - The Billy Martin Band (private party)

Saturday the 8th - Prairie Surfers (private party)

Sunday the 9th - OMT @ Kregers (Naperville)

Saturday the 15th - OMT (White's Tavern, Naperville)

Saturday the 29th - TURBO SHOT (Nevin's in Plainfield)

Sunday the 30th - OMT @ Naperville Bandshell


Saturday the 27th - TURBO SHOT (Ballydoyle's, Downer's Grove)


My first vacation in 15 years.

Well, due to the fact that I'm having my 2nd open heart surgery since my first one 15 years ago.   :)


Saturday the 8th - Billy Martin Band @ Quigley's (Naperville)


Please keep checking back for updates!  

Hope to see you all at a show - I guarantee a GREAT time!

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