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Guitar player.   Guitar teacher.   Funny-looking guy.

Guitar player for 43+ years (I started in 6th grade, finally started sounding good somewhere around freshman year)

Working musician (live performances, studio work, sub gigs, etc) for about 23 years.

Guitar teacher for over 20 years (full time -ask the I.R.S.- for about 18 years).

“Professional” schooling: Attended the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago (1 Semester - Jazz guitar combo / lessons) just after high school but stopped due to the opportunity to play guitar and teach full time.

Solid foundations (playing and teaching) in Rock, Pop, Hard Rock to Metal, Funk, Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, etc.


Guitar Superstar Competition 2009.

Most-recent recording project - “Have Amp, Will Travel” with drummer Rodger Carter (Rick Springfield) and bassist Lance Morrison (Don Henley).

Okay, here's the FUN bio:
“Have amp, will travel.”
      What can be said about Dave Benziger that hasn’t been said already? The selfless acts of bravery, the seemingly endless humanitarian work, his incredible findings in the field of neurotoxicology, his…you’re not buying any of this, are you? Okay, so he’s not that brave (in fact, he cries like a little baby at even the sight of a needle) and his ‘findings’ got him laughed out of Springfield University, but he is quite uniquely charitable - just ask him what he plans on going with his money as he becomes more successful.     
      Okay, then let’s talk about the facts. Take his overabundance of humor, kindness, and all-around niceness that make him a pleasure to work with. Although, those attributes can shockingly disappear in an instant as he snaps into violent fits of rage where large heavy objects are thrown and his eyeballs roll into the back of his head - there was this one time…you’re not buying this either.     
      Ok, Pickypants, here’s the one simple truth. Dave is a solid, talented guitar player, a fine songwriter, and actually is the nicest and one of the funniest guys you could ever want to work with. He’ll agree to the “nice” description (he’s proud of what his family instilled in him in their appreciation for life and laughter), but as far as the guitar playing goes, Dave is humble and has declared on many occasion, “I’m the best guitar player in my house. But then again, the dog has been recording some great stuff lately…” Dave lives to play the guitar. It truly is his life. The music that comes from within him, comes from the very beat of his heart... Yeah, I know - blah, blah, blah. You wanna know his music life story? Then go to his website.    
Roger Myers, Chicago Music Critic © 2009, Springfield Press