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But I've also posted a couple of videos at the bottom of this page......

To me, Randy Edelman's score for the movie"Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story"is the most inspirational music ever written. So much so, that it was the last music I listened to before going in for open heart surgery, and the first thing I listened to when I woke up. This is my guitar arrangement of my favorite sections of Randy's score. Please check it out - I hope you enjoy it. And if you haven't seen the movie, rent it tonight!

Here's a 'video' (well, it's a picture with music) of my cover of the great John Rzeznik (of the Goo Goo Dolls) song,"I'm Still Here". Also featuring Lance and Rodger.

"I'm Still Here"


Here's a little video I threw together with photos showing the evolution of my guitar career. Its set to the song,"The End Of The Road"by my friend (and one of my favorite songwriters of all time), Dustin Parker. The video culminates with pics of what I hope is waiting for me at the end of the road - the chance to reunite with my angel, Gypsy. The song features my friends (name drops in 5, 4, 3, 2,...) Lance Morrison on bass (on loan from Don Henley) and Rodger Carter on drums (on loan from Rick Springfield).

Sorry for all the name-dropping, but would you watch/listen to these if I didn't mention these guys? If you probably wouldn't, it's okay - that's why I mentioned them.   :)

"The End Of The Road"

Here's the issue of Guitar Player magazine that I'm truly honored to be in:

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